The following services will be performed at your property:

• Security of building. Walk around and check all doors and windows. General condition inside and out.
• Pick up any newspapers or advertising. Remove mail from mail box and forward First Class letters ($1.00 handling + Postage).
• Check inside temperature of home and verify preferred setting of home owner. Verify humidity setting.
• Make a visual check for insect infestation.
• Check hot water heater for leaks.
• Check refrigerator/freezer.
• Check pool for clarity of water and proper water level. Verify pool services being performed.
• Verify that lawn and tree service is being performed.
• Make a visual check for water leaks - faucets, sinks, toilets, dishwasher, ceilings and outside faucets.
• Make a visual check for mold.
• If vehicle is present, start car and run in idle.
• Check boats for security and tarps.
• Flush all toilets (swish) - run all faucets - run dishwasher and washing machine through rinse cycle - turn on garbage disposal. (Spray with WD40)
• Water any plants.

Additional Services Offered:

• Any other service requested by owner.
• Supervise construction projects and document with digital photographs.
• Airport pick ups available with prior arrangements.
• File an inspection report with the owner via "E" mail outlining the results of the inspection.
• Airport Runs with prior arrangement.
• In Home cleaning.
• Lawn Service.
• Basic residential maintenance.
• Open homes for arrivals and close for departures (lights, thermostat settings, water heater).
• Basic grocery shopping for arrivals.
Mack Home Watch Inc.

Edward and Laurie Mack

ph. (239) 728 - 1167